Song Story: Keep It Nice (Phoseph Remix)

Something I hope to be able to do throughout my career is to raise other artists up with my platform. Despite being of relatively small stature in the overarching global music community, it’s important to me to support other musicians because we are one of the most exploited categories of workers in the world. Let’s just say: we need all the help we can get when our product (the music) is essentially being considered as valueless/given away for free and when we’re being paid $0.003/stream or less.

With that in mind, and after how well the remix package for my Voyager EP had been received in 2020, I decided to start reaching out to my artist friends in the Seattle community to work on remixing the tracks I had released last year. Andrew (Phoseph) was one of the first people I thought about when I approached initial remixers. I’ve always loved his stuff since I first heard a mix he put out a few years back that featured exclusively his original tunes, which isn’t something you see every day. The first time Andrew and I had met was actually later on during the running of his ‘Friend Zone’ live mix series where he had me on to do a guest mix and the rest is history, as they say.

Truth be told, I’m incredibly impressed by how Andrew transformed the original version of ‘Keep It Nice’ into a bass house banger. ‘Keep It Nice’ is a track that’s kind of hard to place: not really in any one genre with a little bit of trance, deep house, and tech house sprinkled all over. Andrew’s mix, on the other hand, completely flips the original on its head. Injecting a MASSIVE sub bass and some dissonant sounding synth lines, ‘Keep It Nice’ metamorphosizes into something you’d love to hear at 4am in a dark club somewhere.

If you want to be transported to the aforementioned 4am dance floor, then give Phoseph’s remix of ‘Keep It Nice’ a listen and don’t forget your dancing shoes.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Andrew for his amazing work!