Song Story: Adastra – Odyssey (Faraday Remix)

Listening through Adastra’s debut ‘Apollo’ EP for the first time, the intro track ‘Odyssey’ jumped off the page (or earphone?) for its emotive way of taking listeners on a journey to space. The entire concept of the EP inspired me right off the bat. The way it revolved around the majesty of space drew me in, and not to mention Adastra’s attention to detail and knack for melodies gave a great bed for inspiration. I knew pretty early on that his styles and mine would mesh together well and then later on he just happened to ask for potential remixers on Twitter. Brian (Adastra) and I had actually been booked for a show together right before all of this went down, so it seemed only inevitable. Or maybe even fated?

The process of making this remix itself was ultimately a huge experiment for me. Whether it was using spoken word vocals from JFK, incorporating triplets, something I don’t usually do because they’re harder to work into sets, or wildly changing the tempo from Brian’s original mix. I truly believe I pushed myself to explore the universe of sound and think outside of the proverbial space-shaped box on this one.

Something I’ve been trying to do more with my music is connect my emotions directly to the sound choices and worlds I am creating. Working on this remix, and a handful of unreleased originals I have in my bag, feels like the first time I’ve been able to access my emotions freely while writing and I was able to clearly convey my headspace after having just gone through getting COVID and quitting my day job. It really gives you a peak into my life through music.

Thanks for listening and I hope this is something you all connect with.

Cheers and have a good day!